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  • We rescue animals from centres of exploitation
  • We investigate the hidden reality that animals are forced to endure
  • We stand up for animals on television and in the news
  • Our striking actions raise public awareness and create social debate
  • We do day-to-day outreach work in the street
  • We unite activists to demonstrate peacefully for veganism and animal rights
  • We challenge speciesism and demand equality for animals

Animal Equality India uses all of its energy and resources to work towards a society in which animals are not made to suffer and die for our food, entertainment, experiments, clothing or any other purpose. We raise awareness and campaign on the severe consequences arising from their exploitation in these different areas and we promote animal-free alternatives including the adoption of a vegan lifestyle.

We provide information to the public on animal exploitation and vegan alternatives which we distribute in the most efficient ways possible.

Our rescues and investigations carried out inside farms, slaughterhouses, laboratories, circuses and bullfights have been broadcast widely through the media and internet. We constantly publish and distribute written material and video footage through the media and

We are out on the streets, with performances, demonstrations and information stalls, and in schools and conferences with talks and workshops. Finally we demand respect for animals by uniting activists together to protest in our creative, peaceful and often unique demonstrations that have been reported on worldwide.

Become a member

We are a non-profit organisation. Our funding comes from members and supporters that generously give donations.
Our activities generate a lot of expenses, such as leaflets, banners, investigation equipment, travelling and office costs.

By becoming a member you will help us to continue working for animals.

Become an activist

Animal Equality India carries out a range of activities in defence of animals and your help is always welcome.

You can contribute as an activist in many ways: demonstrations, information stalls, leafletting, office work, benefit events, fundraising, writing, taking pictures...

Send us an email now, letting us know how you would like to contribute.

Make a donation now

You might not have time to become an activist, or maybe you cannot commit to a monthly payment. But by making a single donation you will still be able to help us significantly. Your donation will be used entirely to help us continue working for animals.

You can also make a donation in-kind, of goods or services, which are also very useful.